Getting things sorted out…

I have been going through various service dog providers and may be chosing one that prefers an non profit funded page instead of an individualized one such as GoFundMe. That being said, all the funds raised thus far will be withdrawn and transferred to the new page if I opt to go with this organization. I will individually contact any donors to let them know if I choose this route. I am also lowering the goal for now. The organization I plan to go with requires fundraising for their organization to qualify for the dog free of charge to the family. This benefits others as getting a tax write off as all funds will go towards the organization instead of to us (which all money raised was going towards an organization anyways). I was not aware when I set up the page that they did not allow GoFundMe pages, but they do approve FirstGiving. I will leave the GoFundMe page up as we complete the process to be approved by 4Paws. If we are, then I will pay out our current account and transfer those donations to the FirstGiving page. However, if for some reason we are NOT approved then I will continue our fundraising on GoFundMe to use towards getting a dog of our own and using a local training facility or finding another organization. Thank you for your patience as we sort all this out! And, most graciously we appreciate your donations and support thus far!

— Team Evy


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