Oh my applications

Wow, who knew it was SO much in these applications! I need to get two referrals and my doctor to fill out 3 page forms on TOP of the 10 page form I have to fill out. Whew! But, I’m not giving up! I totally understand why it is such a long process. Service dogs are not for everyone, and I know we would be making a BIG commitment. Not just in terms of filling out forms, training classes, and time for fundraising; but also in terms of caring for the dog. These are working dogs at must be kept up with the very best care, food, and constant use of their commands. They must be recertified often and many people (still) have to fight battles for their dog to be allowed in public even though it is the law. I have read many stories and I am apprehensive of the major lifestyle change we will have to adjust to, but I know we can do it!

— Team Evy


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