Officially Starting The Process

I have sent in our Pre Application to be reviewed by the new organization I have chosen to go with for our service dog. They then decide if we would be a good match for a service dog and send us the full application to fill out. Our GoFundMe will be a big help if we make it this far. Once filled out and accepted they start the process of securing a dog for the child. Once that is done we pay 25% of the cost. Then they start the training. As they train we are then invited to meet the dog and establish any extra needs or commands we may want the dog to be taught and sign the training agreement. At this point we pay another 25% of the cost. Then we travel again to learn the commands, good techniques to keep up with the training, etc. We then pay the remaining 50% and, after successfully proving we can manage the dog and the commands, we can bring him/her home with us. The cost is a little cheaper than I have seen, but still not CHEAP by any means. However, if accepted the average wait time is MUCH shorter than attempting to get on a waiting list for a “free” service dog (if we can raise the money). That time is about 26-30 months as opposed to 3-5 years. But, it is also $10,000 vs. FREE. However, Highland Canine (the organization we have chose) is just like 4Paws in that they have no age limit for the child which was a big factor! Many organizations only allow older kids to be accepted for the dogs and sometimes you can’t even get on a waiting list until you are at the age requirement. I am praying this heads in the right direction. Please, pray with us, spread our fundraising campaign, and if able any donation is greatly appreciated! Nothing is too small 🙂 Thank you!

— Team Evy


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