Potential Woofster Match!

The time has finally come, friends! We have exciting news!

We just got the e-mail today letting us know they have found a potential match for Everett! The best part is, the dog was trained already for another family, but unfortunately the young man she was intended for became allergic to her. This works in our favor as, since she has already been through basic training, she would only need some additional training to help her be a working dog for Everett. This means her training would be shorter than originally planned for with a puppy! We could go meet her as soon as this Saturday if everything works out well! As always, I will keep everyone updated if anything changes. Thank you so much for your continued support for our little man and his future dog! We are so grateful for every prayer, donation, and encouraging message πŸ™‚

I have included a picture of our potential Woofster. She is a year old labradoodle and as sweet as can be according to the trainer.



Woofster Update

Our latest update on Woofster is that we are pretty much at the top of the list! They emailed to say there is a puppy they are hoping will make a good match for Everett. They are waiting till it is a little older to see how it’s personality will be. They also said a litter of puppies was born a few weeks ago, so if this puppy does not work out one of those might. We are eagerly awaiting the call to go visit the puppy that will become Woofster! It is still a long process before Woofster actually comes home, but we are definitely closer!

We again want to thank everyone for their continued love and support. We could not have made this dream come true without your help πŸ™‚

Updating Finally!


Hey everyone!! It’s been a very busy few months with us. Everett has progressed into using forearm crutches and we’ve just been floored by his progress. They are able to give him easier access to areas that were difficult before. Walking in the grass used to be a struggle for him due to the walker not being equipped for off-roading. The crutches have really helped his independence.

We made our first payment for 25% back at the beginning of December. We got an update yesterday from Highland Canine that Everett was number 6 on the waiting list! He’s really excited about Woofster and talks about him often. We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we know a rough timeframe for the next leg in the wait for Woofster!

God Bless

Mommy Makeover!

Hello all!

I know it has been a while since I posted. I wish I had some news about Woofster, but we are still in the waiting phase. I promise to write as soon as we get the news we have a puppy to go visit!

My writing today is a little more personal, but I just wanted to write about the amazing experience I was given by a very special organization.

Everett attends dance classes through a program in our hometown that is specifically designed for kids with special needs. It is an amazing program, and we are truly blessed to have this in our city. He has been doing it for 3 years, and he loves every minute of it. There are many different programs for children and adults of all ages, and it is through Merrimack Hall. Merrimack Hall has grown so much over the years even in the short time we have been a part of it, but this year they decided to try something a little different. I was honored to be chosen as the first mommy to receive the Merrimack Mommy Makeover! It was a complete surprise which was only made that much more special as it all actually fell on my birthday last weekend.

First, I was given a full hair treatment at Terrame, Day Spa & Blow Dry Bar. Having my hair done all fancy was definitely not something I get to do very often! Second, I got to have a little shopping fun! I got to pick a new outfit and accessories of my choice from Envy Boutique. Ginger, the owner, had outfits out for me to try and was very accommodating to my own personal tastes. I picked out a beautiful dress, shoes, and jewelry. After being made all up I was the given a giftcard and told to go out and enjoy dinner with my family. We chose to go to the Sandwich Farm which has some of THE BEST sandwiches in town.

I have been told this was a bit of an experiment and that Merrimack hopes to make this a new way to highlight the mothers behind the amazing children who attend Merrimack Hall. Our children overcome so much and make this world a brighter place, but we as mothers (and fathers, too!) often forget to take time for ourselves. We are often rushing from school to therapy, to doctor appointments, and various other activities and get so caught up in schedules that we very rarely think of any thing else. We may even feel guilty if we take a little personal break. Merrimack definitely made me feel special that day, and my husband was a great sport and kept Everett entertained while I had a little bit of “me time.” I think it was a great success– it certainly made this mommy’s day! I can’t wait to see more Merrimack mommies get the same special treatment. We deserve it!