Team Evy is Rocking It!

I cannot believe we are at 93% of our goal! This is so BEYOND what I dreamed for our little boy! So, I thought I would take a moment to let every one exactly where we are on our journey.

First, we have been pre approved to formally fill out an application with the organization we have chosen. the application is very long and extensive, and I hope to have it finished in the next week or two. Once this is approved we will move forward and be placed on a small waiting list for a dog and we must pay 25% of the total cost at this point. They use very reputable breeders and get their dogs a few at a time. We hope to not be on this list very long. Once a dog is secured for us we then make a trip to the facility to tour it, meet the dog, and make sure the dog is a good match for us and Everett. While there is the possibility that the dog would not be a good match I have been told this is a rare case. At this point we would then sign the training agreement and pay another 25% of the total cost. The dog would then be trained in many aspects: crate, obedience, tasks, and services. The best part is that the organization urges the dogs to play as well as train. This makes it very easy for the dogs to transition and easily fit in as a family dog as well as a service dog. Which is good because Everett is SO ready to play with Woofster! Once the training is complete we travel back to pick up the dog. We must pass the testing to prove our competence of the tasks and commands before we can bring him/her home, and at that point we pay the remaining cost. Usually from start to finish the waiting is up to 20 months. Yes, it may seem like a long wait, but it is so worth it! Most “free” service dogs can take up to 5 years on a waiting list and most of them require the child to be much older than Everett is at the moment. After much thought and prayer we felt this was the best way to go and YOU ALL have made it possible even faster! We are still so blown away by the generous support, prayers, donations, and sharing of our cause.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I try to respond to each donation made on our GoFundMe page, and each message comes from the heart! I will continue this blog and page(s) through our journey and even beyond! I want every one to see Everett when we eventually get Woofster πŸ™‚ Although the blog may be quiet as we wait for Woofster, we will definitely update frequently once he/she is here… stay tuned!




Wow! We hit the $7,000 dollar mark! This is incredible!! We thank each and every one of you amazing donators and supporters (those talking about, sharing, and praying for us). We are blown away be even the smallest gift as we know it was given from the heart, and we were especially blessed by a very out-of-the-blue LARGE donation. Words cannot express our humble gratitude. We have decided that we will get all of our donors names either embroidered on Woofster’s working vest and/or his stylish doggie bandana. We want to always remember those who are making this possible. Thank you!! πŸ™‚

β€” Team Evy